Sifter Box has been in the business of making and selling custom clear acrylic pollen sifter kif boxes since 2003 in Central Florida. All clear pollen sifter kif boxes are made from laser cut acrylic and they have a removable screen and magnetic slide tray. The pieces of the kief box are made with a complex interlocking finger joint design to ensure they have the maximum strength possible. It is basically a scientific instrument designed to collect pure pollen and it is the most efficient pollen sifting box in the world.

Kif can be spelled kif, kief, or keef is also known as, salvage boxes, pollen catchers, pollenators, crystal catchers, flower sifters, herb sifters, and probably a few other names too. They all have the same principle, to save, salvage, and collect the trichromes and pollen from herbs, flowers, and plants.